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MacStories offers exclusive, week-long sponsorships to advertise your product to our readers on our homepage. There is only one homepage sponsor per week, plus occasional special events sponsorships like WWDC, hardware reviews, and annual OS reviews. We offer an add-on to the homepage sponsorship that includes an ad on the MacStories Shortcuts Archive page and mid-roll sponsorships for our weekly podcast, MacStories Unwind.

Get in touch with John Voorhees for more details about rates and availability.

A MacStories homepage sponsorship includes the following:

  • At the beginning of the week, a sponsored post is published on MacStories’ homepage and to its RSS feed. The post includes a description of the product, an image, and the option to include an embedded video in the post.
  • A banner image and link at the top of the MacStories homepage for the entire week.

The Shortcuts Archive sponsorship includes the following:

  • A callout on the MacStories Shortcuts Archive page with a tagline and link to your product or service.
  • A banner image and link at the top of the Shortcuts Archive page for the entire month.
  • A tweet from the MacStories Twitter account is sent at the beginning and end of the month.

The MacStories Unwind sponsorship includes:

  • A host-read, mid-roll spot during the episode, a mention at the beginning of the episode, and a thank you at the conclusion of the episode.
  • A link to the sponsor’s website in the sponsored episode’s show notes on

We also offer separate, standalone sponsorships on our flagship podcast, AppStories, a show all about the world of apps, and MacStories Unwind.

All of the MacStories sponsorships described above are subject to the MacStories Sponsorship Policy, which is available here.

The MacStories audience includes discriminating creative, professional, and tech-savvy readers and developers who value the tools they use. We’ve been working with sponsors for almost 15 years now and work closely with them to craft unique pitches and promotions for products and services tailored to our audience.

We’d love to work with you to spotlight great products for our readership.